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Materials Science of Actinides

Structure and reactivity of X-ray amorphous uranyl peroxide, U2O7 - Inorganic Chemistry - open access.  

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Probing disorder in isometric pyrochlore and related complex oxides - Nature Materials --- CHECK IT OUT!

Research themes in msa

The mission of the MSA is to conduct transformative research in the actinide sciences with full integration of experimental and computational approaches, and an emphasis on research questions that are important to the energy future of the nation.  Workforce development is a motivating goal of this university-based center.

partner institutions

1. Nanoscale Cage Clusters 
       Theme Leads: Peter C. Burns, University of Notre Dame
​                             Laura Gagliardi, University of Minnesota

2. Complex Ceramic and Metallic Materials
      Theme Leads: Alexandra Navrotsky, University of California, Davis
                           Albert Migliori, Los Alamos National Laboratory

3. Hybrid Actinide Materials
​      Theme Leads: Christopher Cahill, George Washington University
​                            May Nyman, Oregon State University

4. Actinide Materials in Extreme Environments
      Theme Leads: Rodney Ewing, Stanford University
                           Maik Lang, University of Tennessee

The Mission of msa