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Materials Science of Actinides

  Eitan Tiferet, Adria Gil, Carles Bo, Tatiana Y. Shvareva, May Nyman, and Alexandra Navrotsky
  Chemistry A European Journal (2014) 20, 3646-3651

  Ernest M. Wylie, Kathryn M. Peruski, Jacob L. Weidman, William A. Phillip, and Peter C. Burns
  ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2014) 6, 473-479.

  Dong Li, Silas Simotwo, May Nyman, and Tianbo Liu
​  Chemistry - A European Journal (available in Just Accepted)

  Jie Qiu, Laurent Jouffret, Rebecca Thomas, Jennifer E.S. Szymanowski, and Peter C. Burns
  Chemical Science (2014) 5, 303-310.

Electronic Structure and Stability of Hyperstochiometric UO2+x Under Pressure
​  Jianwei Wang, Rodney C. Ewing, and Udo Becker
  Physical Review B, 88, 024109 (16 pages)

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